# 1
Thursday March 24, 2011
Nick said:

The copper cup is not just marketing, it has a chemical reaction with the drink, changing its flavor. I hear there’s a couple places in town that will serve the Moscow Mule in a copper cup, but I don’t remember where.

# 2
Thursday March 24, 2011
Max said:

I’d love to see any information on the chemical reaction. Every drink historian I’ve read has said the copper cup was a marketing gimmick, but that doesn’t necessarily discount the copper affecting the drink. Much like the orange slice with Blue Moon, alcohol producers try all sorts of tricks to get their beverage to stand out in a crowd.

# 3
Sunday December 18, 2011
Simon said:

Citric acid from the limes can dissolve copper oxide, which could affect the flavor of the drink unless the copper was completely untarnished.

Also, a copper mug would not keep a glass cool. Since copper is such a good conductor of heat, it would actually pull heat out of the surrounding air and into the beverage more quickly than glass. This is also why it would feel colder to the touch.

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