# 1
Friday October 15, 2010
Robin K. said:

Hank is certainly a drunk elephant after my own heart.

# 2
Friday October 15, 2010
Max said:

You can be assured that Hank’s bourbon choices reflect the author’s opinions :)

# 3
Wednesday August 15, 2012
Monster said:

I love these, and will miss them most wholeheartedly! Still, I’m glad you did so many of them. I’ve tried a great many new drinks and found some new favourites thanks to the DotW :) Gimlets are my new standby when we go out to a restaurant. The bartenders usually ask if we’re an older couple(We’re in our twenties, lol)! I love it. Thank you so much for the great times :)

# 4
Wednesday August 15, 2012
Max said:

Thanks, Monster! Enjoy drinking quality drinks!

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