Seriously, scotch will deliver you from this pain.

We’ll be back next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saturday December 18, 2010
Ben said:

What kinda drinker would advise other drinkers to put ice or water in scotch ???!!!

Are you crazy?

You should remember this old scottish saying: “There are three things one should never do to another man: steal water from his well; sleep with his women; or put water in his scotch.”

There is no good reason for putting water in scotch; scotch is too strong for you? Man up and drink it straight up. After a couple of drinks you won’t even remember it’s too strong.
It’s bad scotch? Well, let this be a lesson to you for being a selfish drinker. Don’t worry, if it’s really bad, your body will make you remember it next time you’ll be in a liquor store. Now, man up and bottoms up!

It takes guts to be a scotch drinker. Please, don’t take that away from us.

# 2
Sunday December 19, 2010
Max said:

Ben, I appreciate your point of view on this. I addressed this very topic the next week, in case you didn’t see it

The point of these posts is to get people to explore the many different drinks that are out there, other than the usual “rum and coke,” “gin and tonic” standbys I see so many people drinking. And drinking a fine single malt, to me, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But for most people, scotch is intimidating, especially if they don’t know that ice can ruin a single malt, and when they have others yell at them at every turn that they are doing it wrong. That doesn’t foster exploration; it unfortunately breeds contempt.

While this post was controversial to scotch lovers (you were not the first to send me a note about this), I think using a good blend for cocktails, or for introducing people to scotch, is a great way for them to start down the path where we are at. It’s our first choice, and it rewards us in a variety of ways. I learned how to drink scotch neat by first drinking a blend with water, and slowly eliminating the water as time went on. Others I’ve met say they used a blend with ice until they became accustomed to it. Regardless of how we all started, the end result is that we are now knowledgeable about scotch, and know how to enjoy it properly.

I would be interested in hearing what your favorite single malt is (and this goes for the other scotch fans out there also)? It might be nice to start making a guide for people who are ready to start exploring single malts. Myself, I’m really partial to a 10 year Laphroaig for the money, and I’ve been lucky enough to try a 32 year old Highland Park, which was heavenly.

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