# 1
Saturday March 10, 2012
Jadugara said:

That seems like a strange question coming from loanbot…

With loanbot being essentially a “thinking machine”, and not really subject to delusions and fantasy like flesh-and-blood humans, there are plenty of pieces of hard evidence that Hank is very real.

Even though Hank describes himself as a “myth”, and “myths” obviously work under a different set of rules (as evidenced by the encounter with Bacchus), he can still be seen by loanbot, he can still be touched, and felt by the robot’s other senses, Hank can obviously move the physical barstool around…

It seems illogical for loanbot the even question whether Hank is “real” in some way…

Poor Hank…

# 2
Sunday March 11, 2012
Max said:

Loan-Bot likes to screw with Hank (Loan-Bot likes to screw with everyone), and it’s a subject that Hank is touchy about. We’ll be coming back to this plot point later on.

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