Loan-Bot. What a card!

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# 1
Wednesday October 26, 2011

The drawing style seems different somehow

# 2
Wednesday October 26, 2011
Jadugara said:

Heh, know, with him being essentially the incarnation of intoxication, how could the Loan-Bot even imagine for a moment that he could limit himself to just one bar?

# 3
Thursday October 27, 2011
Max said:

@Ad Infinitum: My drawing style is evolving from the constant drawing I’m doing for my studies at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Hopefully you like it!

@Jadugara: Loan-Bot is a pretty black and white sort of robot :)

# 4
Friday October 28, 2011


Well… no not really, there’s something about hank’s mouth that’s reminiscent of these really really old cartoons which I hated. Can’t remember the name.

I’m making it sound much worse than it is :D I’ll live with it.

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