Welcome to Drunk Elephant Comics!

Drunk Elephant Comics ran from 2008-2012. I enoyed creating it very much and reading through comic again for this responsive site refresh has been a blast. The site and the comic have now been optimized for a mobile experience, so dig in however you’d like! 

A New Life In A New City

Start reading Hank’s Adventures from the beginning!

The Drink of The Week!

Once a week, Hank used to sit down and share his thoughts on spirits. Dive into the archives!

The Naked Raygun

The Boys find a strange looking gun on the street and it has some unique…properties.

Game of Death

Hank goes to space, participates in some slightly illegal sports betting, and maybe kills a guy. Typical Wednesday night.

A Tale of Two Marty's

The Gang have been reunited, but where’s Hank? Get in the van.

Baby Makes Three

Things start getting mythic. The Tooth Fairy is back and she’s taking Hank to court. Oh, and LoanBot gets swole.

God Damn

Bacchus shows up, and he wants his title back from Hank.

Thanks For Reading!

I started Drunk Elephant Comics in 2008. Four years and five hundred forty-one strips later, I think I’m done with it, for awhile at least. Drunk Elephant, for me, was a chance to really dive into webcomics. I did a digital comic series in the early part of the 2000s...

I Have A New Webcomic!

A few years ago, Kevin Church and myself did a webcomic together called Lydia, which was a spin-off of his regular webcomic with artist Benjamin Birdie, The Rack. It was always meant to act as a “limited series,” in print comic terms, with the title character Lydia...

No Strip For Monday

I’m on the road to home from my first year at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and friends, it’s a 3 day trip. I promise I’ll update on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!

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