About Drunk Elephant Comics

Drunk Elephant Comics is my former webcomic that ran between 2008 through 2012. I was struggling with creating comics on a regular schedule and decided to try my hand at creating a webcomic, twice a week, with no real script or plan or forethought. I just winged it. I knew how it would end and I knew how it began, but how I got there? That was going to be the fun part. Twice a week became three times a week, and soon four times a week. I stopped in 2012 because I felt I had said all I needed to say with Hank. I was starting to flounder a bit with the character, and as I was heading into my final year at the Center for Cartoon Studies, I decided to step away from the near daily grind to focus on my thesis project. But I do miss this. Some of the best years of my life were spent coming home from work and drawing this comic while sipping on a whiskey and chatting with other cartoonists and fans on Twitter. I think that love came through in the work.

About Max Riffner

What is it with people that talk about themselves in the third person for their bios? Hacks. Like myself in the previous version of the site. “Max does this. Max did that.” You aren’t fooling anyone, Riffner. You totally wrote that garbage.

I’ve been drawing funny books since 2000. Some are better than others. I won the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics in 2007. I also received my masters degree in cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2013. Out of which, my thesis project The Crippler’s Son was released by Fantagraphics.

I’m older and slower now. But I’m still drawing comics.

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