End of the Drink of the Week (For Now)

Oct 5, 2011

Hello, friends! After much consideration, I’ve decided to put an end to the Drink of the Week feature for awhile. The decision is two-fold. Firstly, it takes a surprising amount of research for each drink. I take a good deal of time to learn the history and craft of the drink, most of which does not make it in to the final strip, but it is invaluable when writing about them. Secondly, I’m now in a town that I can almost literally throw a stone across. White River Junction, Vermont is not a booming metropolis with access to all sorts of spirits required for deeper understanding of mixology.

That said, I could certainly take the time to stock up a bar and mix the drinks myself. However, my time (and space) is limited while attending the Center for Cartoon Studies. I’m working harder on comics than I ever have before. I thought I had a decent grasp on the sequential arts. This place makes me feel like an idiot (in the best way possible) every day.

Which brings me to my next train of thought: I’ve been studying comic strips extensively for the last few weeks, and this has brought me to several conclusions about Drunk Elephant Comics. One of them being how I’ve been designing these strips based on older webcomics, who based their strips on how newspaper strips were designed at the time, which have been constructed in such a simple manner to save space, time, and money for the newspapers they run in. This isn’t a criticism on either, just an observation. One of my favorite comic strips that adheres to this minimal graphic design so as order to be read at a small size is Fox Trot, which uses an incredible economy of line.

Nonetheless, I’ve been finding it hard to put my work into four tiny boxes on a page for awhile, and learning more about the history of comic strips has helped me realize that on the web, I don’t have to. So, the Drink of the Week is ending, but expect more from me soon.

And to give you a preview of what I’ve been thinking about, I’d like to share an assignment that I had recently! We were supposed to do two autobiographical strips (one tragic and one happy) based on the style of another famous cartoonist’s work on a comic strip. Jason Lutes and team assigned each student a cartoonist; we were not given a choice. They gave me Bill Watterson. Yeah. Also, holy shit.

I did the extra credit part of the assignment: four more daily strips and a Sunday strip, making for a full week of comics. Which I’m going to share with you now! Enjoy, thank you for the support, and I hope the following work makes you excited for the future of Drunk Elephant Comics!

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