Me Versus Hank

Feb 28, 2012

I’m prefacing this post by saying that I’ve known many people who have had a lot of success at dating online, some of them even getting married. I also know a lot of folks who are into LARP’ng, and that’s cool too. Just clarifying before I get angry notes, that Hank thinks you guys suck. He’s kind of a jerk. I think we all know that now, yes?

I get asked if I am Hank quite a bit, and the answer is no. I mean, every character is me to a certain extent, but Hank’s views don’t reflect my own in most instances. I like getting up early in the morning and drinking coffee, for example. The parts of the strip that are the most like myself are how the characters speak to each other. The beat and the cadence of the dialogue, how they say what they say, that’s totally me. Several of my classmates at CCS have told me this when they’ve graciously used their free time reading through the archives, as have friends and family. You hear about writers having a ‘voice.’ Kevin Church has a great one, for example. All of his comics sound like him, in my head.

There are little things too that the strip is imprinted with, some of which are totally subconscious and wouldn’t be noticeable unless you know me well.

One of the things we’ve talked about here at CCS is that every comic is autobiographical in some regards, and it’s true. There is definitely the story of my life running through all of these strips, but it shows up as a theme, an arc, a line of dialogue, a different line weight on my brush. It can’t be helped.

So, am I Hank? Yes. And no. Sometimes. Also, never.

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