No Update Wednesday

Jan 31, 2012

Sorry friends, no update today. School work has once again beat me down from making a new strip. We at CCS have just finished the Silver Age project: 3 groups, 2 weeks, 1 full color 36 page comic made to 1967 specifications per group. It’s been an intense time to get this done, coupled with a bout of the stomach flu that seems to be attacking New England. Our group finished our comic tonight, and I just helped out the last group getting their comic to the printer before our 10am critique.

It’s frustrating for me when I can’t get an update done in time for you all, but at the same time? Myself and a few like-minded individuals made a whole full color comic in two weeks. How awesome is that?

I’ll try to get something done for you either later on Wednesday or Thursday, but for now, it’s time to get some sleep and rest the comic muscles. As always, thanks for your patience! You are all the best.

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