Thanks for the break, everyone!

Dec 8, 2011

Thanks to everyone for being patient this week as I caught my breath. I was surprisingly tired the last few days after the marathon of work that was my first semester at the Center for Cartoon Studies. So, I thought I would celebrate for the lax week with a large-and-in-charge strip. Let me know if you like this size! Or if you just like this strip more in general; it’s a little easier to hit the story beats I like with this size, so I’m interested in what you think!

Also, I had an exciting opportunity to listen to Jules Feiffer give a presentation on his work this week. I can only hope to still be doing great work in my 80s like he is. The man is very funny, and very sharp. CCSers were in full attendance, taking over most of the venue for his talk.

Tomorrow, we are all going to celebrate Alec Longstreth’s absolute domination of his latest graphic novel, Basewood, by shaving his beard and hair, which have been growing for the last three and a half years. He committed to not shaving until he finished the book. What an accomplishment.

Big week for comics and celebrating!

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