We’re Back!

Jan 3, 2012

Last week’s panic to fix two laptops ended well. We had to get new laptops, but we had no data loss between both the failing hard drives (my logic board went out also). I’m still setting up my new MacBook Pro, but that’s a trivial problem compared to losing years of data. And while I was ultimately fine with one of my many backups, it just drives home the fact that my backups need to happen a bit more frequently (I lost a couple of days worth of work).

I’ll miss my old MacBook Pro. It was my first laptop, and I used the heck out of it on a daily basis as a professor, designer, cartoonist and this last semester as a student again. But 5 years is a long life for a laptop anymore, and it performed admirably.

So, without further ado, Drunk Elephant Comics is back!

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