Chapter 1

It all starts here! Meet Hank, a little elephant who moves to a new town. In short order, he makes a new friend named Marty over cocaine, and the two get to know the new bartender, Kacy.

Guantanamo Jeopardy

Chapter 2

Hank’s obsession over seeing Kacy’s cleavage one night causes him to hatch a nefarious plan to get a better look at what’s under Kacy’s shirt: Wet T-Shirt Triva Contest!

The Naked Raygun

Chapter 3

Hank and Marty find a raygun in the street, which shoots a mysterious sort of ray from it.

Moving Day

Chapter 4

After their monkey stealing exploits, Hank and Marty have to find a new apartment.

Fairy Certain

Chapter 5

With Marty in jail, the past comes back to haunt Hank in a series of awkward events.

Let's Catch Up!

Chapter 6

In which we catch up with various characters that are not our attention-seeking elephant.

Kacy's Journal

Chapter 7

Kacy needs help in her creative writing class and mistakenly turns to Hank for help.


Chapter 8

Hank recruits an accomplice to help him break Marty out of jail.

Game of Death

Chapter 9

Hank tries to uncover the mysteries of the raygun to solve Marty’s impotence, but gets more than he bargained for when the gun’s owner arrives.

Behind The Curtain

Chapter 10

A short and sweet look at the life of the creator and what it takes to bring Drunk Elephant Comics to life three times a week.

Illegal Alien

Chapter 11

Hank returns from space and helps the newly-arrived Loan-Bot adjust to life on Earth.

The Dating Game

Chapter 12

Kacy tries to help Hank get back out into the dating pool, but ends up finding more than she bargained for.


Chapter 13

Hank loses his way through a drunken bout of bad karma and depression.

Booze Run

Chapter 14

Hank figures out a way to get Marty out of jail, but fate again has other plans for Marty.

A Tale of Two Marty's

Chapter 15

Marty comes home from space a year later and discovers everything has changed.

Positive Drinking

Chapter 16

Loan-Bot enacts a brilliant marketing plan for the bar.

One Bed To Rule Them All

Chapter 17

Hank sets out to reclaim his bed from his new roommate.

Baby Makes Three

Chapter 18

The Tooth Fairy returns with a bundle of joy she’s hoping has Hank’s name on it.

Leaning Towers

Chapter 19

Marty’s back, and Hank takes the opportunity to set things right between him and Sam. Hank may also want a bit of payback for the trouble.


Chapter 20

Hank decides to go exploring at other bars other than Loan-Bot’s fine establishment.


Chapter 21

Hank gets an unexpected surprise on what he presumes will be a lonely, regretfully drunken Halloween.

God Damn

Chapter 22

Hank meets an old enemy from the past who is trying to reclaim something he thinks Hank stole from him.

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